Truth need not compromise
You are beyond the stories, illusions, and dreams of the mind.

Bring consciousness to the inner-body.

When we shift our awareness away from the mind and toward the inner-body, extraordinary physical changes occur. The immune system becomes strong enough to prevent illness. The aging process dramatically slows. We feel good, look good, and our bodies function optimally even into old age.

The normal process of aging, on the other hand, is to slowly become physically ill, overweight, old in appearance and grumpy. This is where the ego would lead you—no matter it’s false promises of future salvation.

The normal functioning of the ego will slowly destroy you by overwhelming you with fear and conflict. With age, the unobserved mind becomes increasingly tortured. While we are young, this isn’t much of a problem. But, in time, every normal person eventually succumbs to the damage done by the ego and must recognize the empty promises.

The ego generates so many tortured thoughts that are never released and are, instead, fed into the body to create negative emotions. Those negative emotions are then fed back into the mind, creating a negative feedback loop. Meanwhile, the ego continues to reach to the future for salvation, but of course this is impossible and so the destination never arrives. This is the normal path to old age and misery—a state which is easily preventable with an open mind.

The ego, of course, finds these words offensive and ridiculous. It demands proof. I, on the other hand, demand proof that the ego offers anything of value…that fear is anything but insanity…that any form of attack has ever resulted in love, peace, health, happiness, youthfulness, bliss or anything we most deeply desire.

There is superior way—the path of true wisdom. Simply decide to undo the ego and instantly undo unnecessary suffering. If you need evidence, try it for yourself. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


The Switch is the eBook and Audiobook about using the power of honesty to enjoy life and avoid crisis.