How do I overcome fear?
The master takes action by letting things take their course. (Tao Te Ching 64)

You are the authority

The politicians, the priests, the teachers, the wealthy elite, the doctors and the police all claim authority over you. Even your spouse or parents might try to claim authority. In truth, they have no authority; which is why their efforts at domination are always backed with violent threats, brutal punishments and empty rewards.

Legitimate authority requires no violence or manipulation. It does not seek domination or obedience. Legitimate authority effortlessly fills your life with good, happiness and peace. What threat is needed to impose joy? What legitimate purpose does authority claim if not the purpose of imposing joy?

You are the authority. To exercise your authority, it is enough only to know who you are. Spirituality is the teaching, learning, and knowing of who you are (despite the imperfections because we are restricted to words). Go within and know that the spaciousness, the power, the brilliant energy is your authority.

Your love, your presence, and the way you feel is authority. Intuition is your authority. Under this authority, you are free—but only free in love. Forget this and lose all authority. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.