The world was created by dreamers who didn't know they were dreaming
The joy of being

We are limited by form; and yet, there is a dimension within us begging to go beyond it.

In the dimension of form, we are limited. These bodies offer only on particular view of the universe. We must constantly find a source of food, water, and shelter from the elements even to sustain this limited reality.

Stars are no different. To stay alive, a star needs to burn hydrogen for 99.99 of its existence. When the hydrogen eventually runs out, the star switches to burning helium for a little while and then lives for a bit longer still by fusing carbon into neon. When all fuel is eventually exhausted, the star begins to die. It explodes into a supernova and then retreats into a black hole.

There is something within us—likely within all form—that relentlessly begs to reach beyond all limitation. This is, of course, the dimension of consciousness pulling us toward the vast oneness. The soul wants to expand into the entire universe, and so feels trapped within the limits of form.

Herein lies the struggle of life. To be alive is to feel a primal desire both to be comfortable within this form while at the same time extending our being into all eternity. This impossibility is the source of our frustration, our anxiety, our hopes and our fears.

Without these conflicting drives, the march of evolution would cease and this beautiful dance of consciousness learning through form would end—thus removing the very purpose of life.

Let us be grateful for this short time we have. This frustrating existence can be and should be no other way. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.