The Serenity Prayer
Change is now

The future means never

To put something off until later is to give the ego more time. It is a way of resisting reality rather than accepting it, dealing with it, or experiencing it.

Too often, when the ego resists something, we fall back on language like “working toward” something or “trying to get to a place” when we are “ready”. But if there is something that must be overcome, learned, changed, experienced or dealt with; then that something must happen now or not at all.

Future projection is a trick the mind plays to reconcile the conflict between what the deeper self knows to be true and what the mind thinks it wants. It is a way of maintaining a behavior, belief or situation without justifying it or owning it.

Future projection also provides a way to temporarily cling or hold onto a person or situation that, in truth, no longer fits. We know what the situation demands of us, but the ego refuses to surrender. So, we convince ourselves and others that it is too hard, that we need more time, that we are working on it. This isn’t fair to anyone because it isn’t honest. In truth, it's never going to happen—unless, of course, you decide that it is happening now.

Better to be honest. Either do it now or not at all. Nobody can force you to accept what you cannot accept, or to do what you do not want to do, but be honest with yourself and with others. No more manipulating anyone by giving false hope…and no more clinging to false hope by believing the future promises of others. It’s now or never. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.