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How do I decide whether to forgive?

Refusal to forgive is the decision to hold onto a grievance. It is a choice to let a thought pattern feed negativity into your body; thus generating negative emotions and stress in you.

To forgive, on the other hand, is to decide that you would rather feel good—so you practice unconditional acceptance of external events and situations that you cannot change anyway.

Would you rather chase the ego gratification of being right, even if this means giving so much power to a perceived injustice that you cause great harm to your inner state of being? Or would you rather use love-vision to see past the error and offer the hand of true correction?

For those who are willing to stand up to the ego parasite, the choice to forgive is easy. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Do not give all your attention away to the mind and the external world. (Eckhart Tolle)

There is another dimension where perfect enjoyment and peace can be accessed now. A place where nothing can affect you in a negative way—where you are safe. This is the dimension of your inner body.

By focusing your attention on the energy field within, your awareness literally shifts toward the inner world. As you read this, simply keep some of your attention on the inner body—the heart, stomach, hands and feet. As you do this, feel the energy start to increase just as you become more aware of the present moment.  

Perhaps there are people around you and things happening. There also may be thoughts about what you want to get done today, concerns about this or that—but now you also feel an element of inner peace in spite of the external realities. You no longer feel pulled in multiple directions, no longer rushed, no longer clinging to external goals or results.

Notice how your breathing calms. Your mind becomes more focused. There is an ease about things. It is from this state that you access healing, just as everything you do becomes more effective, just as your relationships become more fulfilling and life begins to flow more easily.

You can learn to live from this state of being where everything is alright inside so that everything external no longer means everything to you. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Learning how to forgive.

In today's video, we talk about how to forgive others and how to be forgiven. 


Countless combinations of words all pointing to the same truth: ego is the only real sickness and perfect love is the only real cure. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.  

How to deal with jealousy.

What's the best way to respond to a nasty insult or attack?

Do we even need to respond to insults or to defend ourselves when we feel wronged?

Unconscious behavior is, by definition, the doings of an ego. An ego is an unobserved mind that fully believes in its own insane thoughts and stories. Any form of unconscious behavior is only a desperate attempt by an ego to strengthen itself by attempting to prove superiority or rightness. Any response to such insanity only serves to legitimize this fool’s game.

Your true perfection, completeness and beauty cannot be diminished by anything that anyone could possibly say or do. That’s on them. You cannot be insulted, but your ego can feel diminished. That need to fight back or respond—that’s the ego in you resisting its own diminishment.

To not respond to insane attacks in any way is to simply allow our egos to be diminished. As awakened individuals, this is what we want, right? By not defending ourselves, not fighting back, and not responding to unconscious attacks in any way, we diminish the ego both in ourselves and the other by refusing to make the silly game of ego-preservation real. Now we understand why Jesus taught to turn the other cheek.

“If you are content to be nobody in particular, content not to stand out, you align yourself with the power of the universe.” Eckhart Tolle

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Abscondo Podcast #63: Let Ourselves Be Healed

An in-depth discussion about the one and only way to heal the body and mind.

Escape from the ego is easy if you want it


The first three questions are easy to answer. The fourth is as well, but the ego’s pride would convince you that heaven is impossible. Impossible that truth has been true all along. Impossible that pain and suffering have been a choice. Impossible to take responsibility for total resistance to heaven.

Truth has been made an enemy because truth is ego destruction. For ego to live, you have suffered. Faith in ego demands total loyalty to the army of the powerless—those insane, normal soldiers of this world blinded by hatred, communicating in attack-form, and so easily sacrificing all love, peace and joy. For what?

Everything wrong has been caused by the ego. Escape from the ego is easy if you want it. Say that you want it, mean it with your whole heart, and it is already done. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.       

How to reach a huge, massive audience and attract millions of followers!

The practices of healing

Healing the body is as easy as allowing it to function. This requires fasting—either intermittently each day by eating nothing for 16 hours straight or through some other fasting practice. We enjoy eating real food (nothing processed). We rest when we are tired. We remove stress and negative emotions from the body by healing the mind.

We heal the mind by meditating each day and by maintaining a daily spiritual practice of teachings and ideas that awaken us to our true identity as consciousness. Now the ego tries, but it no longer has any power over true perception, nor our actions, nor emotions.

Spirit does not have to be healed; only unblocked. To unblock, we open our hearts and minds completely—accepting everything and everyone without judgment. Now the energy of love flows throughout the body and out into the world. Now the mind serves its rightful master in perfect knowledge. Now each moment is an experience of feeling good.

This is the natural state of being which is accessible now to anyone who chooses. We continue the path toward healing tomorrow and each day after that.