“Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself.” -Tao Te Ching 60

I am not afraid of relationships

We can achieve no power, wealth or abundance without human relationships. In isolation, we are limited to unrealized dreams and illusions. Here, where most people live, our unused potential remains dormant like the power slowly fading within an unused battery.

For far too long, we have hidden from, avoided, and made shallow relationships that might otherwise have become holy. This has been the cause of failure, poverty and lack.

Only in union is the stored-up, practiced and rehearsed potential that we know is there finally unleashed. Unfortunately, union is impossible under the influence of the ego. The goal is, therefore, to dissolve ego within us and within others.

The ego seeks comfort in isolation, in the promise of escape, and by projecting into the future what should be in the now. But our time here is limited and our batteries will fade.

To fulfill the potential of our lives, we must form the habit of saying yes to our brothers and sisters, we must bring our true selves into our relationships, and we must encourage others to do the same. Now, explore what you were meant to do together and do it.

We can only fulfill our potential and undo the world’s insanity by welcoming union everywhere. So we rest in union (and not in isolation) today, tomorrow and each day after that.