Abscondo Podcast #62: Love-mischief
You are the authority

How do I overcome fear?


It is fear that tells us to think about it, or to try to work toward it, but to never quite do it. Fear begs us to push off into the future what is meant to be experienced in the now.

To know is to do. When we experience something while in a state of presence and acceptance, we come to realize that it isn’t scary. If we are afraid, it is only because we have resisted the path of knowing by rejecting the opportunity to do. Resistance is, therefore, the insane choice to keep fear real and knowing impossible. We keep walls up to protect ourselves, but in truth we are only torturing ourselves by choosing to remain fearful.

We do this, of course, only to keep ego alive. The strange ego-illusion is that everything happening in the external world is real, every mad thought or judgment others have about us is true, that nothing should be as it is, and we are, therefore, hopeless victims. This thought system is built with stories looping in the head—stories that you inherited from the teachings of this mad world—stores that will only remain while knowing is avoided.

Freedom is freedom from fear—and this you do want. Freedom requires a thought system of total acceptance and openness, a willingness to be not normal, a commitment to staying centered and then saying yes to what is. If you want to overcome fear, don’t let the worried mind prevent you from letting things unfold. People, situations, challenges—everything coming to you is your opportunity for growth. Go with it. Do it. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.   

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