Our concern to avoid suffering in the future keeps us suffering in the present. (Peter Russell)
Abscondo Podcast #61: Productive and Unproductive Thinking

Worry pretends to be necessary. (Eckhart Tolle)

There is a big difference between problem-solving and worrying. Lying awake at night in worry is very different from lying awake in creative problem-solving mode.

The human mind is the most advanced, most capable problem-solving machine we know of. While spiritual leaders often talk of a state of no thought—and it is essential that we learn to create gaps in our thinking to undo ego—in this world we also need to use the full potential of our minds.

A mind absent of ego is optimized because it is aligned with truth. A mind that is optimized can accomplish anything because it is free of illusion, calm and steady, and in service to love, beauty and truth. It’s okay if your mind is racing with new ideas, spinning out different scenarios or possibilities and solving problems. But as it does, pay attention to your inner-body and your emotions. Do you feel stressed, worried, fearful? If not, then everything is great and your thinking is clear.

But a worried mind isn’t capable of solving problems. Real solutions always come from a state of positive clarity. Positivity is the high-frequency energy of love. Love energy always accepts, forgives, cares for, creates and serves in a way that is fun and effortless. A fearful mind, on the other hand, only causes more problems. The energy of fear is violent, selfish, attacking or depressing at best. This only leads to action which causes more problems. Fear also causes stress…which accelerates the aging process and makes us ill.

Whenever you experience fear or worry about the future, the best response is to connect with a spiritual teaching and meditate. Let that stuff go. But if your mind is aligned with love, following the excitement and positive energy of intuition with in, then by all means unleash your thoughts and actions fully! This is the sacred process of consciousness coming into this world of form through you—which is the purpose of our lives. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.