Love requires freedom
Don’t get stuck on the level of words. (Eckhart Tolle)

Where love is made welcome, there love is.

The mind can come up with a thousand reasons not to love. Each of these reasons is backed by a strange belief that there is something more desirable than love to be gained. But in the absence of love, it turns out that nothing in this world has any value at all.

The mind will never admit this tragic error, so you must look upon it from the heart. The heart knows that, while the mind’s logic and fear is sometimes useful, you are not your mind. You are the consciousness observing everything, the light, the energy flowing from within.

This inner energy, when it is functioning properly in a body absent of fear and guilt, is experienced as love. Let the craziness stay in the mind. Smile at it. Knowing that thoughts aren't the truth prevents fear-based emotions in the body.

Now there is room for love. Welcome love and hold nothing above it. Now the mind begins to shift toward the thought system of love. Everything in the universe becomes perfect, serene, filled with beauty and total value.

Make room for it in your heart by removing all guilt and letting go of all fear. Thoughts are just thoughts—just the mind doing what minds do. The mind is your tool, not your identity. We welcome love without limit today, tomorrow and each day after that.