The laws that held you prisoner to pain and death must be forgotten. (A Course in Miracles)
The true bottom line

There is another thought system

Yesterday we looked directly at the ego’s violent thought system of sacrifice. There is another thought system that, when put into practice, offers everything you’ve ever wanted. This is the thought system of love.

Love isn’t exactly a thought system, but the thought system of love is needed so that the mind doesn’t block the natural love energy within you from flowing. To harness the power of love throughout every dimension of life requires that we re-condition the mind away from fear and toward the following:

Acceptance—no judgement of good and bad and no resistance. Respond to anything that happens with action if needed, but only loving action that flows as a calm response to full acceptance.  

Giving—love knows nothing of taking or getting. Perfect love is only concerned with giving. This may be as simple as giving your full attention to someone; but may also include service or value creation. The natural response to giving is receiving. To create value is to get paid. To serve is to be served. As I said, this is a very different thought system.

Honesty—speak your loving truths, be yourself, and let others respond however they do. Give only what you decide to give and feel like giving. State your needs and give others the space to do the same.

Openness—say yes to pretty much whatever comes your way. If someone or something comes into your life, it is for a reason. Accept it, fully experience what it is, then let intuition lead from there.

Tap into the power of love by practicing perfect union—which is freedom from ego, ongoing inner-peace as well as meaningful success and abundance. Everything we ultimately desire is found only in love, but only after we shed the thought system of ego. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.