Vision or judgement is your choice; but never both of these (A Course in Miracles)
Our concern to avoid suffering in the future keeps us suffering in the present. (Peter Russell)

The materialist trap


There is a relentless, natural drive within each of us toward happiness and fulfillment. The problem is that we are seeking salvation in external form. This is materialism; the tragically errored belief system of the world.

Materialism teaches us that happiness is found in possessions, or in the right relationship, in fame or recognition, or in wealth and in luxury. While these things are nice, and perhaps even enjoyable for some time, nothing in the world of form has ever brought anyone closer to fulfillment. We are sacrificing everything for a belief that has never delivered on its promise.

When you think about it, everything we most deeply desire is found in the invisible realm, not in form. We want lasting love. We want to feel good, to be understood, and to be respected. We want positive energy and inspiration. We want lasting freedom and safety. We crave truth and beauty. This is the stuff of spirit, consciousness—the realm of our true identity which lies beneath the surface. None of this can be experienced or found in the material realm.

To awaken is to undo materialism. Consciousness is a knowing that we are not our bodies and minds; rather, we are the invisible life within that is observing the thoughts, the drama, the experiences of this life. Fulfillment begins with the deep recognition of this dimension within and is experienced fully through the practice of connecting with others in this ego-less realm of oneness or union.

We are consciousness—empty space, no thing, invisible. We were brought into this world to bring consciousness into this material realm so that the universal energy of life can learn and grow. When we awaken to the purpose of life, we instantly find what we were seeking. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.