Heal the way we love and we heal the world.
There is another thought system

The laws that held you prisoner to pain and death must be forgotten. (A Course in Miracles)

The thought system of the ego is held together with rules that can only result in misery. One of the fundamental errors of ego is belief in salvation through sacrifice. With the principle of sacrifice in place, what else but pain, misery and death can follow? What is sacrifice, after all, but the exchange of what you do want for that which you do not?

The only justification for such an insane belief is that somehow, magically, in the future, you will have sacrificed enough and will be somehow rewarded with your treasure. Yet the treasure you seek is forever within you and was never lost (only sacrificed). There is a clear problem with cause and effect. If you are able to look clearly at this, your ego cannot survive.

There is an ego-voice in the head that drives us mad with a narrative of fear and guilt. The voice is silent, yet still loud enough to fill the body with enough negative emotions and suffering that we are driven to madness. The unawakened response to this madness is either more sacrifice or some desperate attempt to escape from the thoughts. Whichever of these paths are chosen, the result is always the destruction of the self and of the planet. For what purpose?

The purpose of the ego is always your enslavement. The ultimate illusion is that this insane thought system is not yours. The voice in the head sounds like yours, but the ego’s thought system was relentlessly taught to you through endless repetition by those who have attempted to enslave you. The ego is the conditioned mind, and the conditioning was never meant to work in your advantage.

Let us start by seeing the illusion, the lie of sacrifice. Tomorrow we turn away from sacrifice to look at a thought system that allows us to live in abundance and freedom now.