People are more than a means to an end
A person who matches with you is a person who accepts you.

Release me from punishment for what I have not done.

The ego is vicious at worst and suspicious at best. The unobserved mind knows nothing other than the punishment of either attack or separation. This is its range.

Look from the realm of consciousness and notice that I have acted only in love. Here we connect on the level of spirit, the realm of the soul. Here there is no guilt and perfect understanding. But be careful, by tomorrow morning the mind will try to come in again and convince you that it is in charge. And again, I will be punished for what I have not done.

The unobserved mind is insane. It is imperative that we learn to trust the heart and see only innocence. Be the silent observer behind the mind. Here you are perfect love. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.