Abscondo Podcast #61: Productive and Unproductive Thinking
You’ll never receive love by withholding it.

Personal relationships can become our yoga; a path from self-centeredness to self-liberation. (Peter Russell)

All human relationships are inherently sacred and have the potential to lift us up. When we fail to see this—choosing instead to respond to a brother or sister with superficiality, judgment, suspicion, or with any form of resistance—we are making the tragic mistake of choosing failure and depression instead of liberation and abundance.  

What would happen if, instead, we were to open our hearts and our minds to each other in faith that every interaction with everyone is sacred?

When we meet every human interaction with total acceptance and total honesty, what always happens (as Michael S. Singer points out in his book Untethered Soul) is that we become filled with positive energy and inspiration that never fades. Open heart. Open mind. Feel the energy flow.

When we then orient ourselves toward service and value-creation, what always happens is that we experience wealth and abundance. Only by creating value for others does value return to us. Money isn’t the source of value; only a storage container. The source of value is our willingness and ability to practice perfect love in our relationships (even our challenging business relationships). Love is giving and serving—which of course is value creation.

You want to feel good, you want to succeed, and you want to be happy. The simple truth is, you can’t do it alone. Isolation is hell. Union is heaven. Salvation is the act of meeting each human relationship with perfect love. This is the purpose behind the “I Am by Infobeing” mobile app experiment. Join the community to practice this relationship yoga with others who share the same purpose.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Image by Jo Sam.