Don’t get stuck on the level of words. (Eckhart Tolle)
Release me from punishment for what I have not done.

People are more than a means to an end

To see another person as only a means to get something is to commit a tragic error—to choose lack rather than abundance.

We want abundance in love, friendship, and enjoyable moments with someone. We want to be respected and understood. We want financial security. We want to be close with a person who is reliable and there for us no matter what.

What prevents us from being this for each other is the decision to treat each other as merely a means to an end. When this happens, we are quick to judge and to reject each other.

It isn’t right to try to fit a person into your box—imagining what you need them to be for you and then judging whether they measure up. This is the sure path to failure because you’re looking only for a role, not a complete person.

Instead, just accept unconditionally and then practice total honesty. If two people can do this, you both create the most powerful, limitless union. This relationship delivers total abundance because it transcends the tragic limitations of ego and exists in the eternal light of consciousness.

Nothing is more powerful than two souls joining together in perfect harmony. The only limit to this is lack of acceptance and lack of honesty—which is, in truth, lack of love. Place all your faith in limitless love because nothing else is worth a damn. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.