Abscondo Podcast #58: Love knows no guilt
Where love is made welcome, there love is.

Love requires freedom

Love is murdered all the time, and one of the most common murder weapons is guilt. Guilt is what happens when someone tries to control us by telling us to sacrifice and then we make the tragic mistake of believing it.

When we feel guilt, we feel the heart sink, energy drops, and fear creeps into the space love once occupied. Now everything feels like a chore. Even breathing becomes a difficult sacrifice. To drink the poison of blame and shame, and then to feel the after-effects manifest as guilt, is to become lost, loveless, depressed.

The world has been teaching us that guilt is real since we were old enough to talk. Parents made us feel guilty about mistakes, school shamed us for not doing what they say we are supposed to do, bosses do it all the time and, worst of all, the people who claim to love us the most do it. Yet if you believe guilt is real and you sacrifice your freedom in response, then you are tragically deciding against love.

To awaken is to come to know that the lessons of the world are wrong. You are not guilty. You do not need to sacrifice to be a good, loving person. You are free, and only in freedom can your love and positive energy be extended.

Realize now that you are not guilty and that you are free. Feel your energy lift and let the love pour out from you to all your brothers and sisters. Ignore any attempts by anyone to control or cage you with attack, blame, and shame. Just ignore it and let the world adjust to the real you. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.