Abscondo Podcast #59: Conscious relationships

Can you see the illusion?

Illusions end when they are seen. To see an illusion is not to dissect it until it is understood by the mind; rather, to silently observe the mind and body from the perspective of your true identity.

The unobserved mind convinces you that it is you and that every thought is to be taken seriously. The “mind-identified” or “egoic” state is the normal state of being for the vast majority of people in the world today. Here, each day is a roller-coaster of drama. To chase happiness from the mind is to end up in total confusion. The unobserved rational mind cannot feel, cannot tap into universal truth, and is therefore lost.

The ultimate illusion is that the mind has been conditioned by the world. Despite how it may seem, words and thoughts are not and cannot be you. Since birth, we were taught these words, concepts, and systems of thought. The mind plays this back to us on an endless loop as the voice in the head. Most people believe the voice in the head is who they are. This is the illusion.

The conditioning of the mind runs very deep, and undoing systems of thought is not easy. However, by simply seeing the illusion you have already taken the most important step and have broken the ego's grip.

Who is the entity observing the mind, still seeing, listening, observing even when thought is absent for a moment? This is your “I am”. Consciousness. Spirit. The life within. To know this, you have begun to see from beyond the mind. Now you watch the thoughts and don’t take them so seriously. You have awakened. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.