Release me from punishment for what I have not done.
Abscondo Podcast #59: Conscious relationships

A person who matches with you is a person who accepts you.

We spend much of our lives searching for that perfect match—the one who fits us, gets us, and likes us for who we are. The normal approach is to start with a wish-list—a set of standards, characteristics and ideals—and then eliminate anyone who fails to measure up. This is the way of judgment, and here you will never find your perfect match (only reasons to reject everyone).

Closeness and compatibility in any relationship is only a question of acceptance. People are so different in so many ways. The only way you will ever come together is by looking beyond the differences and connecting on the level where we are all the same.

You want the freedom to be yourself—to look, talk, act and think the way you do? You want to be deeply understood? So does everyone else.

What if you started accepting people unconditionally, with an open heart and mind? To find a match, you would only need to find someone willing to do the same. Your life would be filled with the most beautiful relationships, and it would be effortless.

People connected through unconditional acceptance and total honesty—that’s a perfect match no matter what the differences. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.