I am.

What we think we want is not what we need.

Fortunes are made by those willing and able to give people what they think they want. We are easily sold junk food, meaningless distractions, temporary escape and unaffordable luxuries that make us fatter, sicker, less brilliant, less happy and less free. This stuff is easy to sell because the ego is buying and the ego is insane.

But if you truly love your brothers and sisters—I mean you deeply want to heal, to inspire, to open new possibilities, to help people end suffering and realize their potential—even if you know exactly how to do it, your mission becomes almost impossible because nobody seems willing to buy what they truly need.

What we think we want is the stuff of ego. Sure, there are endless rationalizations about why this or that will make us happy—but in the end it never works. We know those deeper needs are real, but the ego will never allow them to be met.

The question then becomes: is it possible to sell people what they think they want and then deliver what they truly need? Perhaps this is a question to be taken very seriously by all true healers. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.