The law of impermanence
Let the noise push you into consciousness.

What is left when illusion ends? (Eckhart Tolle)

Our interpretation of reality is always relative and never absolute. Humans experience the world from the vantage point of our humanness, while other beings perceive the world entirely differently. Even across the human population, our perceptions vary dramatically depending upon our individual vantage point.

There is nothing absolute about the perceptions of our senses. Certainly, the mind’s interpretations of reality result in nothing that can be considered absolute. We can, therefore, consider this entire realm of perception and interpretation the realm of illusion. There can no absolute truth in the realm of physical form because everything is relative, unstable, and impermanent.

To end illusion means that, while we continue to allow our senses to perceive and our minds to interpret, we no longer take any of it seriously. As A Course in Miracle states in lesson one of the workbook, “Nothing I see means anything.” Indeed, relative to the absolute truth of consciousness, the entire universe of form is an illusion.

So what is left when illusion ends? You continue as before, but this time without taking everything so seriously. Now there is less fear, stress, conflict and suffering. You begin to function optimally, while you simultaneously rest in truth because you know that you are consciousness and nothing of this world means anything. This is what is meant by salvation, liberation, consciousness, love, presence, and God—all words for what is left when illusion ends. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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