It is impossible to make real what is untrue.
Abscondo Podcast #56: Everything will be okay as soon as you are okay with everything

To grow is to lose your fear of union

Unawake, we seek safety and protection by cutting ourselves off from everything disturbing. This is belief in separation—the idea that we are separate from other people and even from the universe itself. We believe we are special, tragically misunderstood, so we hide in dark prisons made of imaginary walls. Overcome by so much fear, we retreat and become little.

Growth is expansion. Expansion is opening your heart and mind to make others part of you and you part of them. Love is the energy of growth. It is only in love that we can unite with our brothers and sisters in harmony and reach beyond our littleness.

Our minds have been conditioned with so many boundaries—all of which are entirely fictitious. Awakened—fully in the present moment, open to what is and aligned with love—you learn to fearlessly walk right through these boundaries. You serve your brothers and sisters, you open your heart and mind to the joy and bliss of union, you create from the heart—all the while you are growing, expanding, making the entire universe one with you because there is only this oneness.

Look beyond the imagined walls, the meaningless differences in the world of form, to see the oneness—which is truth, which is the realm of everything you want and value. We are not just capable of growth; rather, we are limitless because we are the oneness. We continue to undo the illusion of separation so that we may join together in perfect union tomorrow and each day after that.