Abscondo Podcast #57: Your Inner Journey
What is left when illusion ends? (Eckhart Tolle)

The law of impermanence


There is a hunger, deep within the soul, for total stability—for an endless peace and joy that is perfect and never fades.

To satisfy this craving, the spiritually unawake habitually seek fulfillment in the external world—in the observable realm of things, situations, objects, bodies, accomplishments or status. But everything found here is impermanent and will ultimately fail (if not in this life than at the end of it).

So that deep craving for a perfect, lasting destination must be understood correctly as the inner call of the soul instinctively pulling you toward an awakening of consciousness. The miracle is that, when you understand this drive and react correctly by going on the inner journey, you discover that the ultimate destination you have desired is already alive within you (where it has always been and shall forever remain).

You need only become aware of what has always been there. Here you are joyful and in perfect peace in this life and beyond. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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