Openness is not something you can practice on your own

Pleasures of the ego are no pleasures at all

To be in the grip of the ego is to be completely identified with your mind and its constant stream of thoughts. Here you are not a whole, complete person because your reality is limited and restricted.

The mind cannot experience well-being, nor love, nor joy and bliss, nor excitement. In truth, the mind cannot feel anything. Live here and exist not as a human, but as something like a cold, malfunctioning computer that never turns off.

Better to become a whole person by opening your heart to love. Love brings emotions, uncontrollable passions, and allows us even the ecstatic gift of sex. What you want is to feel, and it is only in the body that we feel.

Negative feelings are what happens when your mind is in full control—feeding your body toxic thoughts that close your chakras and block your energy. But learn not to take insane thoughts seriously, to not believe them, then your body functions exactly as it was designed to. Now everything feels good—and what you want more than anything else is to feel good. But the ego will never ever ever allow you to feel good—not now and not in a million years. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.