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Let the noise push you into consciousness.

As the rate of change in this world constantly accelerates, the only way to cope is to allow everything happening to pass through you. This requires presence.

We are living in a time when the rate of technological and social change is increasing. Each day, we might communicate with hundreds of people using advancing technologies and tools. Our tastes are also evolving because media information and advertising is getting better at reaching us through multiple touchpoints.

In his book “Waking Up in Time”, Peter Russell suggests that, as this rate of change accelerates, there will come a time when humans can no longer continue to cling to the external. The material world will become even more obviously impermanent and unstable. If we are to survive and find any peace and happiness, we will need to become conscious—centered in the present moment. Change in the material world will bring us to a tipping-point when the majority of humans awaken. This is what is called the Consciousness Revolution.

In an increasingly chaotic state, the only way to find inner calm, joy, bliss and inspiration (i.e. happiness) is to become so present that everything is let go as soon as it passes through your field of awareness. In your work, your relationships, and in everything you do—become so present that you no longer imagine the future or hold onto the past. You then begin to interact with the world, as it is, in real-time—where your capabilities are optimized and your soul soars.

Let the world go its own way as you open your heart, open your mind, and stay present. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


What is left when illusion ends? (Eckhart Tolle)

Our interpretation of reality is always relative and never absolute. Humans experience the world from the vantage point of our humanness, while other beings perceive the world entirely differently. Even across the human population, our perceptions vary dramatically depending upon our individual vantage point.

There is nothing absolute about the perceptions of our senses. Certainly, the mind’s interpretations of reality result in nothing that can be considered absolute. We can, therefore, consider this entire realm of perception and interpretation the realm of illusion. There can no absolute truth in the realm of physical form because everything is relative, unstable, and impermanent.

To end illusion means that, while we continue to allow our senses to perceive and our minds to interpret, we no longer take any of it seriously. As A Course in Miracle states in lesson one of the workbook, “Nothing I see means anything.” Indeed, relative to the absolute truth of consciousness, the entire universe of form is an illusion.

So what is left when illusion ends? You continue as before, but this time without taking everything so seriously. Now there is less fear, stress, conflict and suffering. You begin to function optimally, while you simultaneously rest in truth because you know that you are consciousness and nothing of this world means anything. This is what is meant by salvation, liberation, consciousness, love, presence, and God—all words for what is left when illusion ends. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


The law of impermanence


There is a hunger, deep within the soul, for total stability—for an endless peace and joy that is perfect and never fades.

To satisfy this craving, the spiritually unawake habitually seek fulfillment in the external world—in the observable realm of things, situations, objects, bodies, accomplishments or status. But everything found here is impermanent and will ultimately fail (if not in this life than at the end of it).

So that deep craving for a perfect, lasting destination must be understood correctly as the inner call of the soul instinctively pulling you toward an awakening of consciousness. The miracle is that, when you understand this drive and react correctly by going on the inner journey, you discover that the ultimate destination you have desired is already alive within you (where it has always been and shall forever remain).

You need only become aware of what has always been there. Here you are joyful and in perfect peace in this life and beyond. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

Abscondo Podcast #57: Your Inner Journey

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Your outer journey may contain a million steps. Your inner journey only has one; the step you’re taking right now. (Eckhart Tolle)

“As you become more deeply aware of this one step, you realize that it already contains within itself all of the other steps as well as the destination. This one step then becomes transformed into an expression of perfection.” -Eckhart Tolle

We do have an outer journey—a reason for being that shapes the way we are meant to serve others and create. But the outer journey is never more important than our inner journey. Nothing can be gained in the future which can be considered important enough to sacrifice the quality of your consciousness at this moment.

By focusing on this one step—becoming fully present in the now—your outer journey becomes an almost effortless extension of the inner journey. When you go within, you allow love and intuition to effortlessly guide every step. You remain calm, centered, maximally efficient because you waste no time and energy on drama and confusion.

The only step that means anything is the step of awakening from time. Feel the inner body, align with love, make feeling good your only priority. Now, from this state of zen, take the million steps along the journey to fulfill your outer purpose. Establish a daily spiritual practice so that you do not lose site of the inner journey.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

All insanity lies in fear.

Spirit is love. Ego is fear. Fear is the opposite of love. Fear can only enter where love is not…and the only cure for fear is perfect love.

To fear is to forget what you are. You are consciousness that has been temporarily given a mind and body only as instruments to navigate this world. If a mind becomes overwhelmed by fear, it is only because it has forgotten that it is consciousness. To forget your identity is to become lost.

Through a daily spiritual practice, you can abolish fear simply by reminding the mind what is true. That which is true requires no effort and needs no defense. You need do nothing, but some focus must be directed toward undoing.

The world of form means nothing. Relative to who you are, it is ultimately unreal because it is unstable. A lost mind rejects this, which is precisely why it is lost. Notice the mind’s reaction. You are observing these thoughts from the silent realm of consciousness. You are not the mind’s positions and arguments; rather, the silent observer who perceives this from the realm of the imperceptible—breathing all truth and meaning into the mind, the body, and into the world of form.

The energy of consciousness is perfect love. Love cannot be attacked and repels all fear. We continue in love tomorrow and each day after that.


Nothing has been lost in the past. Nothing can be found in the future.

Nothing of value is beyond your reach now. While the world of form changes with time, there is nothing of value to be found in the world of form.

Stay centered in the realm of value and stay flexible about form. Value is found in love, in feeling good, in expressing yourself, in human connection, in a good laugh, a deep conversation, a great film or book, in beautiful music, in nature. None of this is beyond your reach now unless you are pushing it away with the mind.

You are consciousness, which is not form but spirit. Everything of value dwells in the realm of spirit—which is one, eternally accessible to everyone but only now. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Center on spirit. Let go of the rest.

A human being is mind, body, and spirit. Spirit is the part that usually gets neglected, and this is the cause of failure and suffering. How does it work?

A mind that has forgotten spirit begins to see itself as the center of the universe—whose job it is to shape reality and to find safety and happiness by trying to take or get as much as possible. This way of life, which is the normal condition for most people on the planet, invariably leads to deep suffering because 1) the mind has very little influence or control over reality, and 2) the mind doesn’t understand happiness or how to get it.

This is the unconscious, egoic state, and it is a state of constant suffering and endless problems. Mind-generated fear gets fed into the body and gets transformed into toxic, negative emotions. These emotions take over the normal bodily functions—releasing adrenaline and stress, causing sleepless nights and illness. The body then feeds misery back to the mind, stressing it further and creating a negative feedback loop that gets worse in time.

To escape from this cycle of misery, simply center on spirit and let go of the rest. Develop a spiritual practice of teachings and meditations that remind you, each day, that you are spirit. Now your mind is properly aligned with the mission of love and creation. It is doing what it is supposed to do and is no longer fearful. Therefore, no negativity gets fed into the body. Now the mind and body function optimally and your life is a total success.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.



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You cannot love an ego, nor love from the ego.

Minds cannot feel and minds cannot experience love. A person who is not in love is a person who is dominated by the mind. Love is only experienced from the heart, not from the mind.    

The ego, utterly incapable of love, is perfectly capable of finding reasons not to love. Rather than seeking blissful union, what the ego does instead is to reject, judge, and attack the other—always pushing real love away only to fantasize about it in the future. Simply observe the severity of this delusion honestly and you instantly undo the ego’s grip on you. If you are stuck and confused about the most important aspects of life, it is only because of the ego. What most people don’t know is that the ego can be completely undone.

Just as a spiritually unconscious person cannot experience love, it is also very difficult for others to fall in love with them. Why? Falling in love is a union of two hearts, two souls. This requires an open mind and an open heart. A mind-dominated person is closed and never allows the language of the heart to enter into the relationship. Here there can be no spiritual “soulmate” connection because the mind blocks all possibility. The mind cannot love a heart and a heart cannot love a mind. Love is heart-to-heart.

If you want love, you must destroy the ego. Love is what happens when two people live from the heart and learn to perceive each other on this level. Love is a decision of the heart, and decisions of the heart are never confused; rather, they are final, eternal, and unconditional. That’s what love is. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.