Abscondo Podcast #55: Feel the energy
Pleasures of the ego are no pleasures at all

Openness is not something you can practice on your own

Those who attempt to manipulate and use you do so by convincing you to close your heart and mind. If you agree with their authority over you—if you do react to their violence by closing your heart and mind—then you have surrendered and have been made a slave.

But if you master the art of always opening your heart and mind, you become free no matter what your external circumstances. You transcend the limitations of the world to shine a light filled with love, inspiration, healing energy and beauty.

Do not close yourself in fear or the natural energy within you will dim and ultimately sputter out. Open your heart and mind in your relationships, your work, your play, your life.

Practice faith by forming eternal spiritual connections with the intention of opening your hearts and set no limits or boundaries. Openness is not something you can practice on your own! We continue to feel the energy build tomorrow and each day after that.