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New possibilities are only found on the other side of the pain

Growth requires that you go beyond your boundaries. You know that you are approaching your boundaries when you begin to feel pain or discomfort. This is where most people retreat, and to retreat is to remain in a sort of cage.

But if you keep walking directly into the pain, if you accept and embrace it without retreating, and then if you take just one more step forward—you will be be set free.

Walk through the pain to find that you are capable of infinite possibilities. Each time you confront a limitation or fear with acceptance, your heart is first overtaken with the emotion. But if you stand firm and do not retreat, then something else happens. The discomfort begins to dissolve. New possibilities are only found on the other side of the pain.

Most of us wait in vain for opportunities and change, never realizing that we are limited only by our own boundaries. Our minds create a labyrinth of likes and dislikes. Then we attempt to manipulate reality accordingly. The problem is that our minds have very little control over a reality that is shared with billions of other people in a universe so complex, so vast in both a bigness and smallness that is beyond our perception or comprehension.

Humbly walk into, and then through the pain—through your self-imposed boundaries into a universe of infinite possibilities. There is no other possibility for progress. This takes bravery and practice, but is so much better than the alternative. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.