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To grow is to lose your fear of union

It is impossible to make real what is untrue.

You do have the power to choose between eternal truth and the countless dreams of illusion, but no strategy or tactic could ever make fantasy real.

What is true needs nothing from you, therefore there is nothing to be figured out or done. Awareness of truth, therefore, requires only the undoing of illusion, the correction of error, the opening of the heart and mind.

If ego is only illusion, which it is, then you need not fight against it or defend yourself from it. Let the errors of illusion come, as they always do in an insane world, but let these things pass right through you as you stay wide open to the vast oneness.

You are consciousness, pure awareness beyond the mind and body. You are the energy of love, the spark of creation, the miracle of life. No illusion is convincing enough to dim your light. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.