Let the noise push you into consciousness.
The mind can neither recognize nor create beauty. (Eckhart Tolle)

Find out for yourself

The mind tells you that it is reasonable. To make up your mind, you require proof in the form of facts and solid evidence. So you do more research, ask more questions, engage in more debates, but all the while you become increasingly unsure of anything. What a waste of time and energy. Here you are stuck.

It is impossible to know something without doing it or trying it. Led by the so-called “rational” mind, you are taken only to a state of paralysis. If you wish to go beyond paralysis—to have a real breakthrough, to really transform your life—then just ignore your worried thoughts and find out for yourself.

Want to find out what enlightenment is? Try it for yourself. Do you have a dream or fantasy? Something you always wanted to try? Find out exactly what that thing is by doing it. Want to learn to love or trust? Then love and trust. Want to forgive? Then forgive. You don’t need to feed your mind any reasons. In fact, you don’t need to take your thoughts seriously at all.

To know is to do. There is no true knowing beyond direct experience. Be honest and open about who you are and what you want. Say yes to new opportunities as they arise or, better yet, take the lead. Forget about reasons and rationalizations—they only lead to stagnation. Just open your mind, open your heart, and find out for yourself. If something is coming to you—it doesn’t matter whether you planned it previously or not—it is coming to you for a reason. Do not resist your curriculum. Try it. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.