The more you learn to stay open, the more energy can flow into you. (Michael A. Singer)
Don’t close

Fear is the cause of all problems

Fear is what happens when you hold onto something, when you fail to let go. This closes your heart and mind, which blocks the natural energy within you from flowing.

In the healthy state of being, everything happening to you and around you passes right through your mind and heart. It comes and goes, so you can enjoy life and you don’t hold on to any emotional baggage.

In this state, you are at your best, you are filled with excitement each moment, your life is a total success.

You don’t need life to be a certain way to achieve perfect and lasting happiness—you need only remove the blocks and open your heart and mind. How? By opening your heart and mind.

Make it a habit to accept what comes fully and then let go completely. Always say yes to love, knowing to your core that love is the opposite of fear. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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