The mind can neither recognize nor create beauty. (Eckhart Tolle)

Essence The essence of everything that ever has been and ever will be is eternally present, in an unmanifested state of oneness and perfection. (Eckhart Tolle)

To understand this statement is to awaken to consciousness and to become free from the dream. What we perceive as concrete reality is the manifested. This is the dimension of reality that you can touch, feel, and observe. The manifested is constantly changing, shifting, and unstable. But to understand reality is to understand both the manifested and the unmanifested—and to understand that it is one.

Let’s break this quote down:

“The essence of everything”

Within all matter—the building blocks that make up all things, atoms, molecules, energy—there is a certain aliveness; an essence which, when observed from the soul, is perceived as beauty.

“that ever has been and ever will be”

That same aliveness, which is beyond the realm of perception, flows through and is contained within everything eternally.

“is eternally present”

While form is constantly changing, the essence was never “not there” and nothing is ever lost (it only changes form).

“in an unmanifested state of oneness and perfection.”

The unmanifested is the realm beyond science and observation. This is the void from which we came and to which we return. This is essence, the unmanifested, consciousness, spirit, God—eternally one, beyond threat, and perfect.

The mind cannot grasp this, but your being can. Ponder only this: you know that you came from nothing and will return to nothing. Perhaps this nothingness—the unmanifested—deserves to be taken more seriously. Go deeper than the mind. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.