Positive emotions generated by the ego already contain within themselves their opposite; into which they can quickly turn. (Eckhart Tolle)
Hold heaven safe in your love.

The spiritual path requires no sacrifice at all.

Spiritual awakening does not require an epiphany or a mountain-top high. You don’t need to complete a 2-day fast or a 2-hour meditation to rise above ego. The so-called “toxic people” don’t need to be removed from your life before you can begin. You also don’t have to “manifest anything” to prove anything to anyone. This is all external and, therefore, meaningless.

True and lasting salvation is a state of being that persists even as you are just taking care of the kids, even as you are dealing with the challenge of visiting your parents or in-laws for a week, even as you may occasionally eat too much or drink too much, even as you spend hours troubleshooting new gadgets, and even as you may choose to watch football.

It isn’t so much about what you do; rather, your state of being while you do it. If you are conscious in meditation, you will eventually learn to also remain conscious at work, conscious playing video games with your children, and conscious while cooking or cleaning the kitchen.

A spiritually awakened person does need to have some sort of spiritual practice each day, but this is no sacrifice at all. It is pure enjoyment. Beyond that, you should be able to engage in life in just the same way as anyone does. What changes is your state of being, your attitude, your thoughts, your behaviors.

Now you accept what is happening rather than resist. Now you stop labeling everything as good or bad. Now you let go of the past and don’t think so much about the future. Now you are present, calm, and loving to everyone. Now you are healthy and almost never ill. Now your stress levels are way down, even as you troubleshoot the computer. Now you go through your days and nights without fear. Now you stop worrying about everyone’s opinions and you can be yourself. Now your relationships are happy and blissful. Now your life is filled with love and success.

For a true spiritual awakening, no sacrifice is required. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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