The spiritual path requires no sacrifice at all.
Abscondo Podcast #54: Sex is Divine

Hold heaven safe in your love.

Each moment, you have the power to offer either heaven or hell.

Give total control to thought and teach attack and judgment through violent words and gestures, rewards and punishments, and through aggressive debates and insults. The ego has its own thought system of insanity, which produces the fearful emotions of hell. This is the life of misery and suffering, which is considered normal in an insane world.

Then there is another thought system beyond the mind. It is called love. A mind and body aligned with perfect love teaches and creates only heaven. Here you have total power to offer the eternal joy of union — which rests upon unconditional acceptance and total honesty. Here you unleash perfect peace, total freedom, perfect health and abundance.

While the ego demands total sacrifice, love releases you. Hold heaven safe in your love. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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