Abscondo Podcast #54: Sex is Divine

Freedom is the separation between you and the external.

Consciousness is another word for attention. During the normal course of life, our attention gets focused on thoughts, emotions, or objects.

A person who is spiritually awakened is able to focus attention without losing awareness that her identity is this consciousness (attention). However, a person who is spiritually unconscious tends to lose herself in the object, the circumstance, the thought, or the emotion.

Freedom is the separation between you and the external. Health is maintained here because your bodily functions are not adversely affected by each thought, each stimuli, each life event. Your relationships are stable, peaceful. You solve problems without unnecessary emotion and life is so much better.

Simply knowing that you are the subject (consciousness) and not the object of your attention (the thought, circumstance, etc.) allows you to remain in a state of steady calm, joy, peace.

That’s the core of spiritually. This is so simple that even a child can understand. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.