The heavy chains that bind you are nothing, not real, and not there at all.
Your life is a total success

Each moment, we are deciding between either the ego or spirit.

We did not make the ego, nor the fearful suffering that results from following its thought system. With great effort, the world has imposed upon us the ego and we have mastered this insane thought system.

We did not make spirit, nor did we invent the guiltlessness, freedom, peace and joy that flows from following its ways. With no effort, we are it, have been it, and will be the consciousness of spirit eternally.

The choice between the ego and spirit is the most fundamental decision any of us face, and we have free will to choose between the ego and spirit each moment. When we have properly learned what ego is and does, and then we compare it to what spirit is and does, the choice is as obvious as light from darkness and as love from fear. That is what we are doing here. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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