Abscondo Podcast #53: Ego is a learning disability.
Sex is divine. (Osho)

Do our worries matter to a blade of grass?

Reality is not necessarily what we see because so much of what our senses perceive are the makings of the human mind. While we may call this “reality”, the truth is that what is man-made is the stuff of dreams and illusions.

First there is the man-made material realm, which we have filled with products, machines, buildings, décor, devices, things – all manifestations of the human mind. Our creative minds take the stuff of nature and transform it into the stuff of society. While everything in this man-made realm may be real in the sense that you can see it, touch it, taste it, and use it, it is also true that everything man-made was dreamed into existence. These are only ideas brought to the realm of form – illusions.

Then there are the immaterial makings of man: money, rules, laws, customs, standards of behavior. We have been conditioned to believe that this is reality, yet again these are only ideas – words written in a book and violently enforced. Here there is no reality or truth.

Then there is this other category of reality that we acknowledge only occasionally: nature. Next time you find yourself worried about money, about something you shouldn’t have done, about something in the future that may or may not happen – if you start to believe that any of this is real, just contemplate a blade of grass. Do our worries matter to a blade of grass?

So what is the real world? The illusions we have created? Nature? What is truth? The ideas forced upon us by authority and thoughtlessly accepted by most people? Or is truth to be found somewhere else? Perhaps in the energy of love? Or in the pure consciousness of a baby?

Truth is that which is unchanging. Nothing that takes physical form is truth because it is unstable and changing. Truth, on the other hand, is that which cannot be threatened, is beyond time, and does not change. Truth is in the realm of the unmanifested, the nothingness, the realm of consciousness, spirit, love, God. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.