Guilt is identification with past error.

What is a relationship but a sacred extension of what is within?


How we try to use relationships to fill the emptiness within. If something isn’t right within, we seek someone to provide the fix. When this invariably fails, we project guilt onto that person only to maintain the illusion.

Look instead within, but this time in honesty and in total acceptance of what you will find. There is only one possible internal need and there is nothing external that can fix it. The internal can only be this: part of your soul has been neglected and unexpressed. This happened because you have made the outside world more real than your inner world. You have repressed the truth within because you have been deceived into believing that the world’s truth is more real than your deep inner truths.

The world has promised you salvation if you are only willing to sacrifice what is within. This promise is false, and so you still wait. You still look for a new home, a job, or a relationship to fulfill an impossible promise. Every time this fails, you blame someone. This is unfair because what you lack cannot be found where you have looked.

Nothing you seek can be found in the external because what you lack is not form. You will become complete when you fully accept and love what is within. Find the courage to undo all sacrifice and to trust the truth within, which has always been there. When this happens, your relationships are awesome because they are free from all negativity. You are set free and your life is now filled with love and abundance.

What is a relationship but a sacred extension of what is within? Start there. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.