Learn to see people as part of nature.
Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? (Rumi)

What are rules for?

The purpose of a rule is to convince you that you are guilty. You are meant to believe that, without the rule, you would do something wrong. But in the absence of rules, it would never occur to us that it would be possible to do anything “bad”.

In our natural state, we only want to be loved and accepted. We want to play, to have fun, and to feel good. We may error at times, but when our errors are lovingly explained we naturally correct them. We do not need rules at all, and certainly not the punishments and rewards that follow.

The deeper purpose of a rule is not to prevent you from doing wrong; rather, to teach you that you are guilty…that something is wrong with you…that you would sin because you are a sinner. This idea of guilt requires extensive teaching, and this is why we are forced to go to school. It is only after you have learned the lessons of guilt that you become a slave.

Authority, of course, does not limit itself by the very rules it makes. Authority, by definition, defines itself as superior…as an exception to the rule it enforces. Rules are, therefore, nothing more than a means to establish domination over others.

Do you think you would do harm, or that you need rules to prevent you from sinning? What if you were taught only love? Perhaps the urge to disobey rules is only the natural response to the very existence of rules.

You are a ray of sun…a piece of God. Know this and you must also know that you cannot be guilty. By nature, you cannot harm others. Any harm you have done is a direct result in your learning the insane lessons of people who have violently enforced their arbitrary rules upon you. We continue in truth tomorrow and each day after that.