Break free from the religion of normal.

The sanity is there under the madness. Healing and redemption are available now. (Eckhart Tolle)

How to access it? Focus all your attention on the now. Notice your breath. Notice the way your inner-body feels…the energy contained within it. Notice the space you are in…the colors, textures, sounds, and the silence. Pay attention to the space between words and the gaps between breathes.

As you awaken to the now, you may become aware of some stress within you or some negative emotions. Accept this completely. Breathe into the feeling. Just let it be. Make peace with it. Practice full acceptance and you will find that the negative feelings eventually leave you.

You may also notice the voice in your head still fighting for your attention, reminding you of your worries and fears, telling you that you are wasting your time. Smile at your ego but ignore its advice. Know that these are only thoughts and have no inherent value, meaning or truth. The origin of all madness is trusting all thought.

This is the practice of accessing the now, which is easy once you have established your daily spiritual practice that includes teachings and meditation. Now you are shifting your focus and attention into the realm that makes you strong. You are allowing natural abundance and centering yourself in joy and peace. This is the awakened state and the energy you now feel is love.

If there were problems in your life, they will now be resolved. This will not require any action or doing; rather, being. The shift may appear to take a while in time, but in this eternal present moment things are moving along perfectly. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.