Your abilities go far beyond anything of this world.
What are rules for?

Learn to see people as part of nature.

Believe in ego and you see only ego as real. Believe in good and bad, and you see an outside world that is split. But this split is only perceptible because of your inner belief that a split is possible. You see what you believe.

What you have seen in the outside world is entirely dependent upon what you have decided to see when you have looked inward.

Healing can only happen when you no longer attach meaning to what is happening. Do not judge, or try to control events, or fight back or resist at all.

If something is, then it is. There can be no argument with what is. There can be no judgment. Accept fully and respond accordingly.

When we observe nature, we easily accept everything that happens without resistance or judgment. Learn to see people as part of nature.

Now when you look at your brothers and sisters, see only love or a desperate cry for love. Either way, the correct response is always love. This isn’t complicated. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.