I do trust people. I am not afraid to be hurt.
You cannot love anyone unless you love everyone

It doesn’t matter who’s right and who’s wrong. The question is: who’s happy?

Everyone wants to feel good, yet most people believe that their identity is their mind. The problem is that the mind cannot feel, only think. Blind to this fact, the mind naively convinces you that feeling good is possible someday – after this problem is corrected, after this person finally changes, after you make enough money, after you accomplish your goals.

Meanwhile, you constantly argue and debate. You’re trying to “get there”. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, you continue to believe that being right or being better will make you happy. You think that accomplishing your goals or earning enough money will bring you love. But you are using thoughts to pursue that which is beyond thought. No amount of mind activity will bring you any closer to feeling happy. In fact, mind-domination takes you in the opposite direction.

If you have awakened spiritually, you have already discovered peace, joy, and happiness. If you have not, then you are not and cannot be happy. The spiritually-awakened among us are not interested in debating; rather, teaching that salvation is only possible with awareness of spirit and total commitment to perfect love. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.