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It doesn’t matter who’s right and who’s wrong. The question is: who’s happy?

Everyone wants to feel good, yet most people believe that their identity is their mind. The problem is that the mind cannot feel, only think. Blind to this fact, the mind naively convinces you that feeling good is possible someday – after this problem is corrected, after this person finally changes, after you make enough money, after you accomplish your goals.

Meanwhile, you constantly argue and debate. You’re trying to “get there”. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, you continue to believe that being right or being better will make you happy. You think that accomplishing your goals or earning enough money will bring you love. But you are using thoughts to pursue that which is beyond thought. No amount of mind activity will bring you any closer to feeling happy. In fact, mind-domination takes you in the opposite direction.

If you have awakened spiritually, you have already discovered peace, joy, and happiness. If you have not, then you are not and cannot be happy. The spiritually-awakened among us are not interested in debating; rather, teaching that salvation is only possible with awareness of spirit and total commitment to perfect love. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


I do trust people. I am not afraid to be hurt.

When a person is suspicious of people, afraid to trust, and afraid to be hurt, it is because of an earlier breakdown in the primordial relationships — perhaps a mother and father who did not provide a safe, loving, nurturing environment.

This person unconsciously holds a set of negative fundamental assumptions about life which were formed early. She is afraid to love, he is afraid of the future, and nothing beautiful can penetrate this wall of resistance.

Yet here we are, mostly surviving and thriving nonetheless. How many massive challenges have we overcome, despite giving less than our best? How much abundance have we turned away in resistance?

The truth is, the universe provides us with eternal abundance if we are only willing to reach beyond the limitations of thought and simply do our best at all times.

You are love. You are abundance. You are safety. You are beauty. This is true even if your primordial relationships were dominated by error.

Do not repeat the error. Offer unconditional love and acceptance to your romantic partners, your children, your family, your colleagues and to every precious soul you come into contact with. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


There is a vicious circle between spiritually-unaware thoughts and emotions.

A person unaware of spirit is person identified with the ego. This person’s mind is given free reign. Filled with fear, judgments, frustrations, hopes and dreams, a desire to be better than others, the egoic mind believes every thought is serious and more real than life, itself.

The body responds to out-of-control thought with tension. The heart and breath accelerate and this negative energy gets fed right back into the mind.

Now the person feels lousy, which negatively affects thinking further, which generates even more negative emotion, which often leads to addiction or other destructive behavior. This is why a person missing awareness of spirit becomes more insane and more miserable as the years pass.

The only way to break this cycle is to become fully aware of spirit (consciousness). Now the mind and the body serve truth. The mind is a beautiful creative tool and the body is a learning device — but only after you have awakened to spirit. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


The purpose of atonement is to dispel illusions, not to establish them as real and then forgive them. (A Course in Miracles)

Spiritual awakening is not possible if the illusions of the world remain real for you. Salvation is, rather, a shift in perspective about the nature of reality itself.

If we judge someone as guilty, we are identifying that person with our own judgement about a past error. The error then becomes so real that the human being before us is reduced to a word: “jerk”, “liar”, “untrustworthy”.

Make such a judgment real and you will be unable to forgive. While you may talk of forgiveness and, on some level, you may think you are trying to get there, you cannot forgive as long as a guilty perception remains real to you.

When people say they are “trying to get to a place” to “be able to forgive”, all that they are saying is that they do not forgive. Sadly, this person is unwilling to look beyond error to see and accept a sacred soul. The past is a mental judgment and the future goal is an excuse to deny love.

Atonement is seeing love as real and anything not love as error to be corrected. Only love can correct error. Therefore, love is the only correct response to everything. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Guilt is identification with past error.


Guilt is identification with past error. By holding onto the errors of the past, there can be no possibility of change in the present. If there exists no possibility of change in the present, then the future is nothing more than a continuation of the past.

Continuity of the past into the future is the ego’s goal. But it is not our goal.

We look within, letting go of guilt and embracing the present moment without judgment. Only this is real. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

What is a relationship but a sacred extension of what is within?


How we try to use relationships to fill the emptiness within. If something isn’t right within, we seek someone to provide the fix. When this invariably fails, we project guilt onto that person only to maintain the illusion.

Look instead within, but this time in honesty and in total acceptance of what you will find. There is only one possible internal need and there is nothing external that can fix it. The internal can only be this: part of your soul has been neglected and unexpressed. This happened because you have made the outside world more real than your inner world. You have repressed the truth within because you have been deceived into believing that the world’s truth is more real than your deep inner truths.

The world has promised you salvation if you are only willing to sacrifice what is within. This promise is false, and so you still wait. You still look for a new home, a job, or a relationship to fulfill an impossible promise. Every time this fails, you blame someone. This is unfair because what you lack cannot be found where you have looked.

Nothing you seek can be found in the external because what you lack is not form. You will become complete when you fully accept and love what is within. Find the courage to undo all sacrifice and to trust the truth within, which has always been there. When this happens, your relationships are awesome because they are free from all negativity. You are set free and your life is now filled with love and abundance.

What is a relationship but a sacred extension of what is within? Start there. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


You are guiltless. What has been called guilt is nothing other than error. You hold nothing from the past and now you are perfect. Look deeply and honestly within and do so without fear. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


To question or doubt these statements is to choose ego, which invariably results in a life of suffering. But take a leap of faith and end unnecessary suffering for good. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.