Patience is not about waiting, it is about doing.
Learn to see people as part of nature.

Your abilities go far beyond anything of this world.

You cannot see your strengths, but you can see the results. Your spirit is invisible, but we know it is there when you produce miraculous results.

The ego would sell your soul to gain the world. But like everything the ego sets out to do, this cannot be done. You can, however, forget your soul – choosing instead a state of suffering, failure, overwhelming anxiety and fear. This is the feeling of a forgotten soul begging to be remembered.

There is nothing to be gained in the world. All gain originates as consciousness producing miraculous results in the world.

All expressions of love are miracles and all miracles are expressions of love. Love is the only force that the world cannot resist, cannot contain, and cannot successfully war against. When all your doing is loving, you have aligned with limitless strength. You have merged perception into the oneness of complete knowledge and further learning is no longer required.

The world teaches fear so that we forget our power. But our power is never lost, it is only dormant. Let go of all fear because it is fictitious and designed by the world’s institutions to enslave you. Know yourself, which is only love. Set yourself free. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.