To receive love, simply call it by its proper name.

If you are afraid to look, you cannot see. If you are afraid to do, you cannot know.

To put something off or wait for the future is another way of not doing. To call a concept “abstract” or “theoretical” only means that you haven’t tried it.

Doing is knowing.

“Someday” means “never.” “Working on it” or “thinking about it” is another trick the ego plays to ensure its own survival at your expense.

That voice in your head is filled with a continuous stream of seemingly good reasons for not trying something new, not following your passions, not doing what excites you and not living your dreams. But the reasons not to do are always fear-based and always the confused and insane voice of ego.

Doing is knowing.

If something or someone interests you, inspires you, or excites you — then this is the deeper voice of universal intelligence insisting that you must do. To choose fear and paralysis instead is to choose ego — the source of all your problems and suffering.

After all these years, do you still think that the ego will find the way? Do you think that salvation is in the future and safety is found in a fearful present? How much longer until you decide to open your eyes and to awaken?

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.