If you ask for something you claim to want, yet you are afraid of it, then you do not want it and will not receive it.

Do not try to look beyond yourself for truth. Truth is in you. (A Course in Miracles)

Happiness does not come in the form of money or possessions. Knowledge does not come from a university. Health does not come from a doctor. Authority has nothing to do with police or politicians.

Sure, money and possessions can add enjoyment to your life. University can sometimes lead to a better life situation. Access to health care when you need it is sometimes useful. Obeying the law is usually a good idea. Yet none of this has anything to do with truth.

We have become weak by the lessons of this world. The only teachings worth a damn are the kinds that give us permission to ignore all the manipulative voices of control, authority, and normalcy. We spend our lives trying to fit in, caring what people think, not saying what we mean or doing what we want. We sacrifice. We try to be normal. It is a game, and though we appear to get better at it in time, in time we also become more and more lost inside.

To become lost is to forget that you already have everything within. Lost, your fearful mind takes all your energy and all your awareness. Most people have become ill – barely noticing the vibrancy of life right before us in this eternal moment. Awaken to this holy instant where all miracles are already present.

Do not ever doubt what you know to be true. Go to this place every day and live from here. How do you know you are here? Because you feel good, you are inspired, and you know exactly what to do.

In presence, you become a source of love, creativity, beauty and inspiration. This is how you shine your light onto the world. Here total success and total abundance naturally flows from you – though that is never the goal. The goal is only to exist in perfect truth and to not let anyone make you doubt it, hide it, or take it away. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.