All attack is self-attack. (A Course in Miracles)
The world isn’t here to make you happy; rather, to make you conscious.

Be willing to judge the ego’s thought system with perfect honesty.

If you are perfectly honest with yourself, you know exactly what you want. You want to be happy. You want to feel good and have fun. You want to love and be loved. You want positive new experiences. You want health, joy and peace.

If you are perfectly honest with yourself, you will admit that the thought system you have relied upon so far is not the thought system that will ever deliver anything you most deeply want. The rational mind spins out of control, always trying to figure something out or judge something as good or bad. The logical mind wants to know the name of everything and wants to be recognized as better than others. To rely on your stream of thoughts is exhausting, mad, and the cause of illness and suffering. All your bodily energy goes into this while you are blinded to all of reality. Here there is constant thinking but no knowing.

If you think that the mind can figure out how to get what you most deeply want, then no amount of self-help reading, life coaching or therapy will do you any good. Shut the ego down because the dimension you seek is beyond thought.

Like all “normal” and “civilized” people, you have been relying upon the rational mind as your compass since grade school. All the while, you have only fallen further away from everything you most deeply want. You have learned to sacrifice everything you want for the absurd idea that, through sacrifice, you will get it back at some point in the future. This is the insanity we are taught and, despite any evidence that it has ever worked, we are supposed to believe it?

Unguarded thoughts are insane. That voice in your head, if it were a roommate, is someone who you would have thrown out long ago. But, because the voice sound like yours, you think that everything it says is true. Even when your internal arguments and counter-arguments are all over the map and changing every day!  

Smile at the roommate in your head. Your thoughts do serve a purpose, but only when you make the decision to serve truth. To embrace the thought system of love is to activate a higher intelligence beyond rational thought. Answer the call of love to activate true knowing and to become everything you want. You were born perfect and need only undo ego to remember.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.