Loss is the undoing of mind illusions
Reacting to insanity

Whatever is true is never lost.

Yesterday we discussed how loss can only be the loss of illusion. Truth is always beyond physical form. It cannot exist in the material realm because all matter is unstable.

The truth of your relationship with a loved one is this: what is real between you will never be lost. You may separate or divorce a spouse—yet your love for each other remains. Despite the mind’s failed attempts to “move on”, you remain connected in that love always. The mind has no power over love.

If you are afraid to express that love, perhaps because you are with jealous new partners, then that is an error that will cause you suffering. Better to lovingly express yourself fully about who and how you love. This teaches acceptance and creates the most beautiful relationships.

Maybe you lost your home due to financial struggles. While you may no longer hold to the key to that structure, the positive feelings you created while living in that place remain. You can carry those feelings to the next place, even if it may be smaller. You can celebrate the way you live, the way you do things, noticing beauty even in simplicity.

Even if old age, physical decay or a disability limits the kinds of experiences you once enjoyed, you might experience that same sense of excitement in new interests such as writing, creating, reading, or otherwise exploring something new.  

Everything that matters is beyond the five senses: love, feelings, inspiration, excitement, human connection, fun. This is the realm of spirit. Align with spirit and live at the center of the wheel—where there is no real loss and you cannot be threatened. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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