It doesn’t matter how much you get done if what are doing isn’t your best.
Loss is the undoing of mind illusions

True intelligence is beyond the mind.

True intelligence cannot originate from the mind. It also cannot be grasped or held by the mind.

The best our minds can do is to let go. We can surrender, accept that we cannot control reality. Concede that there is a level of complexity to reality that is infinitely beyond the limitations of our perception.

Now we stop judging situations as good or bad. We stop trying to manipulate people to make us happy. We let go of our strategies for happiness. We accept the past and no longer seek salvation in the future.

Now we use the mind for only what it was designed to do well. We let true intelligence, which is within us and all around us, be the guiding force—which it was all along despite our impotent resistance. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Posted by Abscondo

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