Whatever is true is never lost.

To believe that you must achieve the impossible to be happy is the cause of unhappiness.

Happiness is not what happens after you achieve the impossible; rather, it is the natural state of being available to anyone who stops believing that you must first achieve the impossible.

Were you not born perfectly happy and complete? Did you not often experience a perfect state of joy as a child?

It is more than enough to know who you are, be what you are, and simply do your best every day. There is never a need to do more than your best—your best will always do.

The most important step required to do your best is to first awaken to your best self. This is not about doing; rather, the undoing of illusion.

Most people have it all backwards. It isn’t about first doing the impossible and then deserving happiness. It is about first allowing yourself to be happy and then easily doing what everyone else considers impossible. This is what we have been doing, and we continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Posted by Abscondo