True intelligence is beyond the mind.
Whatever is true is never lost.

Loss is the undoing of mind illusions

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Yesterday we said that true intelligence is beyond the mind. Because you did not always know this, your mind has been in control. This has created illusions which ultimately will be undone.

The so-called “normal” life is purely mind-dominated. Any mind that is not in balance with spirit is merely an ego—lost, confused, yet believing in its own ways despite all evidence to the contrary.

The ego seeks wealth, status and fame—all of which bring momentary highs followed by suffering because of greater complexity, conflict, and potential for loss. We seek permanence and safety in a marriage, in a beautiful home, in in the role of parent—even as nothing in the world of form can possibly be eternal and unchanging.

Even when you reach your goals, there is no lasting happiness. The ego needs drama and change. So even from within the illusion of a perfect life, we fall to substance abuse, cheating, and other destructive behaviors.

The normal way of life is catastrophic. Sure, we all project happiness, but in hiding we suffer greatly. The happy pics were taken during those few moments when we are up—but then come the long stretches in hiding when we are very much down. Nobody, no matter how beautiful, rich or famous, has experienced a mind-dominated life any differently. This is how it is.

Furthermore, when the hand of true intelligence invariably enters the picture, we experienced the severe agony of perceived loss. Just as the mind has built perfect castles in the sand, universal intelligence comes to wash them away.

At some point, we all lose the beauty, the relationship, the dream home, and the status. Loss destroys the mind’s hope for the happiness it had always believed was just around the corner.

In truth, loss is just the undoing of mind illusions. After illusion is undone, truth remains.

Unwanted change brings the opportunity to shift away from the egoic mind and into true intelligence or knowing. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.
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