True intelligence is beyond the mind.

It doesn’t matter how much you get done if what are doing isn’t your best.

You are at your best when doing one thing at a time with all your attention. This isn’t possible unless you have trained your mind, through meditation and a spiritual practice, to let go of thoughts.

Don’t do anything unless you are first present. Notice your surroundings, the details, the colors, the textures. Pay attention to the sounds. Accept everything that is. Resist nothing. Notice the energy within the inner-body. The stillness and silence.

Now calmly go about whatever it is you are doing: your work, parenting, making dinner, driving your car, reading a book, talking with your spouse. Approach it calmly from this place of stillness or “no thought”. Now any thought that you do generate will be about what you are actually doing.

Move through your day like this—with frequent breaks and 1-3 meditations. Try this for a few weeks and notice that there is no stress. You are no longer afraid to check your email or answer your phone. You resist nothing. Nothing that happens on the level of forms matters in an absolute sense. You have wisdom and knowing. You are able to calmly respond to whatever happens. Life gets easy because you have mastered it. This is the only way to master life.

Through awareness of being, your quality of doing is maximized. The value you provide everyone improves. People enjoy your presence and involvement. Abundance begins to flow into your life. You are trusted and respected—not because you demanded it, but because you deserve it simply by being exactly what you are. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.